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Augie Hyena
22 November 1980
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Raised in Southern California and graduated high school with honors. Starting out life in the real world in the military. Was deployed in Iraq and returned safely in Nov 2003. I spent most of my active duty service at Fort Lewis, WA. Now I live in Bellingham, WA. I'm currently the Assistant Network Administrator at Whatcom Community College.
I consider myself a spiritual person, more specifically a Gnostic Christian and also observing my Teutonic heritage as well. I live and breathe art and music. I love to draw--I do not limit myself in one theme. I draw still-lives, furry art, comic art, everything. Though my main focus of the above would be furry and life drawing. I also play the piano since I was 7--though I had to place it on the back burner for a while during the military. That's something I'll be getting back into when I finish my schooling. I'm also curious about learning to play the guitar and pennywhistle.

Want to know more? I'm approachable, just get a hold of me and ask.

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