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Well, here I am, sitting at my house during work hours--I have to take time off for this. I got a notice in my mail 2 weeks ago that the Landlord was going to do unit inspections on everyones apartment this day. Now they've never done this before since I moved into this apartment (April 2006). And this inspection is taking place right when they are requiering people to fill out their new leases for the rotational year. Most people's leases end around August. Call my suspicious, but I wonder why the hell they have picked up this habit. What are they looking for? I'm told it's a 'routine' inspecting to look for leaks and stuff. That may be, but with how the economy is and everything, I can't help but feel they're coming in to see just how many lease violations I have so they can fine me. >.>

Not to mention the assholes raised my rent to 50 bucks more then what I was originally paying. It's also going to get to a matter real soon about "Is it truely worth paying this X amount of money for this place?" Problem is, even if I decided to move out, I don't have the savings buffer to start a lease on a new place with deposit+first months rent+pet deposit, etc.

Looked up my first name in the Urban Dictionary.

Someone who is un usually well hung. People with the name James are generally known for their good looks (especially the eyes) and women are just simply attracted to them.

A name for someone who is absolutely fantastic and is your favorite.

In early European lore the demigod James was said to possess unrivaled charm and seductive prowess in addition to having genitalia of supernatural size. Throughout medieval times and up until the late Renaissance, Pagan and Christian farmers routinely prayed to James as a god of fertility, believing that his massive penis would inspire them to spectacular heights of fertility. Today, the term James still carries with it subtexts of truly gigantic genitals which is perhaps why James is the name most frequently given to male newborns in the United States.
Currently the word James can be used to mean an enormous penis and anyone with that name can be assumed to possess a heavy and girthy penis.

Haha. I don't have just a 'Johnson'; I have a 'James' ;p
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Not much is going on right now. Work has been keeping me very busy. No plans for the Valentines weekend, what I did have planned was canceled. Think I'm just going to wing it. Maybe some scotch and a cigar one evening one evening with a book. I'll spend another day doing allot of walking so I can ponder things--been meaning to do that for a while. Hell, maybe can just dive down to a local State Campground and just build a fire for the evening or something since I can stay for free.

Also. It's real bothersome when 'friends' play this 'out of sight, out of mind' thing and seem to only come out of the woodworks when they need something from you or need sympathy. >.< I feel like the local Medicine man more then half the time.

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Eeeeee! I just got Lion King: The Brightest Star on CD ^^ Last I saw it, it was out in '94 as a Cassette/Booklette combo. Now I got my paws on a CD/Booklette :D I think my hard to find TLK book collection is complete.

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Once in a while, you do find a diamond in Value Village. Yesterday, I got my paws on a Kitchenaid Blender (the making milk shakes kind). Sucker costs about $160 in a store, got it for $25 ^^. It works too. Now if I can get my hands on a mixer, I'll be a very happy spottie.

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This be one of the nights where I can't sleep well again :P

Is this about the time people start talking about 2009? Their airing of grievances or reflections of glories? Well not here :P 2009 zoomed past me like no one's business.

Christmas was nice and quiet. Decided to make a ham for myself instead of sauerbraten this year. I'm still living off of ham, but that's no big deal. I decided to buy a dutch oven for my camping trips so that I don't have to barrow one anymore. It doesn't mean I can't use it now though :P Just need to buy a cheap pie tin or something at the goodwill to keep the handful of charcoal in it and I can cook with it right outside of my door. It's way to easy to make a good cobbler with one, but I'd like to practice more with main dishes.

New Years was decent. I made a nice dinner (Leg of lamb and mustard seed potatos).

Hopefully this year things slow down to a pace I can keep up with. Sure, I've made allot of plans for myself over the past few days--some goals of where I want to see myself and other things. So here's to that.