Augie Hyena (augie_hyena) wrote,
Augie Hyena

Finally finished my tax return. Only issue is I wont really see a penny of it. It's immediately going to go to one of my credit cards I've been trying to pay off. In the long run, I will see that cash again--in a form of 'paying off the credit card just a tad bit earlier then before'. I was told to at least save some of it so I can go and treat myself to something. But I'm not totally sure. Things are getting a little harder so I need to pay off all this debt as soon as possible. I still have 2 years left on these things.

Rent went up 50 dollars, TV/Internet bill went up by $30 :P Governor of Washington put another freeze on all educational spending--so means I won't be getting a raise for another 2 years. I'm still getting paid the same amount I have been since I started working here. So my income is the same as it always was, but my expenses have increased in cost (Bills and what not). I can cover it, that's not toooo difficult. But that dips into food and pleasure money.

Haggens had it's 'Big Meat' sale. I went and spent 70 bucks in meat the other day. Stuff like Ribeye steaks (3 pounds worth) for 13 bucks. New York steaks of the same weight for a little less. A bunch of chicken breasts and pork loin chops. I've got my meat taken care of for for a good while. I can't really remember the last time I had a good steak. I think it's time to refresh that memory--of garlic, mustard potatos--and horseradish dipping sauce.
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