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Augie Hyena
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Wow, I had totally forgotten about LiveJournal

Wow, that will piss some people off. Was walking home and noticed 100s of World of Warcraft playing cards in the street, getting ran over by cars. There was a comic store right there as well, so I walked in to ask if they were aware of that they had a bunch of 'their shit' in the road. The store owner said a guy was in earlier trying to sell them. He suspected him of stealing them do refused to buy them. So the dude walked right back out and dumped them into the road. Man, if I really gave a damn about playing those kind of games, I may have been upset. But I did pick up two cards within reach--I did need a few book marks.

"Ethical Hacking" is like teaching a person Sith powers and expecting them to be a Jedi.

and bought a Nook tablet

Ok, who's out there that still remembers me? ;p

sending a pulse out there...thinking about I should start updating this again. Though life's been keeping me busy.

Still lives....Kinda. Been deep in the woodworks.

I'm still alive---ish. o.o

It's official, camping season is open :D A bunch of the sites I enjoy around me were either closed for the winter or had limited facilities available. But now they're totally open :D I acquired a dutch oven over the winter and a few other supplies I can't wait to try out. Though this weekend is supposed to be shitty weather, so I can't camp tooooo soon. But I intend on making my first trip within the first 30 days from now.

Finally finished my tax return. Only issue is I wont really see a penny of it. It's immediately going to go to one of my credit cards I've been trying to pay off. In the long run, I will see that cash again--in a form of 'paying off the credit card just a tad bit earlier then before'. I was told to at least save some of it so I can go and treat myself to something. But I'm not totally sure. Things are getting a little harder so I need to pay off all this debt as soon as possible. I still have 2 years left on these things.

Rent went up 50 dollars, TV/Internet bill went up by $30 :P Governor of Washington put another freeze on all educational spending--so means I won't be getting a raise for another 2 years. I'm still getting paid the same amount I have been since I started working here. So my income is the same as it always was, but my expenses have increased in cost (Bills and what not). I can cover it, that's not toooo difficult. But that dips into food and pleasure money.

Haggens had it's 'Big Meat' sale. I went and spent 70 bucks in meat the other day. Stuff like Ribeye steaks (3 pounds worth) for 13 bucks. New York steaks of the same weight for a little less. A bunch of chicken breasts and pork loin chops. I've got my meat taken care of for for a good while. I can't really remember the last time I had a good steak. I think it's time to refresh that memory--of garlic, mustard potatos--and horseradish dipping sauce.

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